I'm Heather, a Nikon gal with a fun spirit behind the camera. A session with me is an adventure! Expect to have fun, do silly things, laugh a lot, get dirty and just be yourself.

I love to photograph almost anything in nature. Children, Flowers, Birds, Shells, Families, Babies, Sunsets, Trees, Dogs, Old Houses, Barns, Weddings.... I enjoy using natural lighting when photographing children and families. This is where I feel the most relaxed and the beauty of the photos are so pure.

I also like to get my hands on unique props to use as well as searching out new spots to use for my sessions. I love finding old buildings, barns, beautiful wide open fields, trendy downtowns, a long dirt road, parks with trees & tall grasses, The BEACH with amazing dunes, an old bridge.....should I keep going!? I love the creative beauty a photo can share when one looks at it for the first time.

As you can see in my
gallery, photography is my passion; I try to make each experience behind the camera different and fun. Taking pictures is like eating Cheez-its...once I start I can't stop!

Photography to me is more than just documenting what a person looks like. It’s about capturing real Life and preserving a Moment In Time. It’s about capturing each person’s unique story- complete with bare feet, fun laughter, bright colors, candid emotions and a touch of whimsy. I love to capture raw candid moments of life and see my clients eyes light up brighter than the sun.

This Is Life. This Is Love. A Still Moment In Time. Your Moment…